Saturday, April 14, 2007

Treasure Hunter

You all those who read might be knowing abput those who do not know about this website,This is the No.1 online gaming website in India.I have taken a account of The-Crucifix in that a long ago itself.I have also played a lot of games in that website.When I started this Blog I thought of giving some review.This game is one of my favorite.
In this game there is lot of level but we can play only 6 level.We have to walk,climb ladder and dig to get the jewels.Wen you collect.When you complete the collection,there can be seen a Exit and some other jewels.These jewels disappear after some time.I got the first ranking as in the day I
Wrote this.The ranking is seen at here.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007


It is the continuation of the first post.I went to cochin again.There I wes stupified to the Person who had the Tphone had exchanged.My Dreams collapsed.I ecogonised the phone it was Sony Erisson K950i.The phone was new and he won't allow anyone to touch..My Dreams again collapsed.If could get my hands on it.I could share my experience.

To be continued......

Chocos Game

I hope that everybody know what chocos is.This is a game that i got fron their website.It is of two Part.Part one comprises of 2 level and it is short.Part 2 is better,long.
In the First part you have to find a pack of chocos and take the thing that can be taken and put it in order so that it forms a bridge.Second level is same but a bit difficult.This game have time.
The first part became over.Second part,I played offline.First we have to find a friend and you find a tail behind a tree.He will explain some thing which is got to be known.In ht efirst area,there will be 2 path and we should find the correct path.We will ask a friend to show us the way.He will give a puzzle.We got to finish that and find the right way.
Then we have to jump from the cliff to the rope and come down,then when we walk sone way we will see a string and a pile a rocks on top of that.And we cannot go any further we can find another friend there.He ask us to get some chocos for him to a small silly game to get 3 packs of chocos.He will Say to pull the string.Rock will fall down and it will make a bridge.Go through that to go to anothe area
There will be a boat but the level of water is not enough.You can find another friend there.He will ask us to use a bow and arrow to shoot the rocks and make it fall into the water.the level of water increases.Go to the land when water level is correct ot go to the next and the last area.
Here there will be a cave in which we got to go.In thet cave question will be asked and we have to answer to get pass.After some question we have to make a word from the letters given to find the answers.Find the answer to get to the treasure.
I played the game in a very less amount of time.Since i was offline i could not give my score to web.When i Checked the Top score,My time would have been first.It is a addtive silly game.

Saturday, March 3, 2007

A game with Samsung Tphone

I have been to Cochin for a Scolarship exam named NCO.Before I went to the Exam,I went to my Mother's house.I got a chance to get a foreign Phone.Since it is foreign,I cant recognise it.The person who owns the phone don't wnat anybody to play any game on it.I didn't obey his rule and played the game.
I played a game whose name I don't know.The load time was fine.Next screen asked me to choose new game or load game.I choose new game and next option was to choose the Easy or Hard option.Since I don't know the controls,I did choose the Easy modeI started the game . Don't know controls lost.
Found out some of the controls.Got to the boss.Then you got to know what Happened.Charge over.Game stopped .I hope next time will full charged phone for playing
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